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In today’s world, blended training options are sensible, economical, and flexible. Online courses for CPR, AED, First Aid, BBP, Active Violence, emergency preparedness offerings, and other safety courses are available from First Voice through our own SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) called First Voice Training. Certifications are given once online virtual skills checks are performed by an instructor (manikins ship to the client site for skills use during virtual session) after the online course is completed by the student. Online training offers options for progressive learning, simulator learning, and streaming options. Find out more about all the training course options and curriculum or brands that are part of our offering.

Virtual Training for CPR, AED, First Aid, BBP, Active Violence, Emergency Preparedness Offerings, and Other Safety Courses

COVID-19 Changed the Way Major Agencies Deliver CPR and First Aid Training

Health, safety, and social distancing changed and reshaped many industries during the COVID pandemic, including CPR and First Aid Training. Because of this, the American Red Cross and nearly all other major major training agencies have now approved virtual delivery for classes such as CPR, First Aid, BBP and AED training.

How Does First Voice Delivery CPR & First Aid Training Virtually?

How does First Voice deliver training virtually? It’s just like it sounds. Virtual training is simply the blended use of an online learning management system combined with webcam instruction and skills testing. Through an online training portal, also called a learning management system (LMS), users will gain access to the training course with the ability to take the course on ANY mobile device, tablet, or pc with internet connection. Students can complete most of the safety training at home or at work and the in-person skill session to ensure practical skills is delivered over a virtual platform. Students are able to stop the course & resume where they left off. Once student completes online course and test, a virtual skills session is set up and held at pre-arranged time/date. 

Virtual Training Benefits:

  • SCORM, ECC, ILCOR, OSHA, National first aid science compliant curriculum.
  • It is remotely accessible for all and can be offered worldwide. 
  • There is much more capacity for individualization; training delivery can be organised to different levels, competence, needs and even different learning styles
  • It’s a safe and secure learning environment
  • There is greater flexibility offered in terms of time, location and learner pace
  • It’s effective! Cost-effective, time-effective, scalable and creates effective learning transfer!

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