QR Code Compatible AED Software

Compliant AED programs have accurate archives of recorded AED inspections to industry and manufacturer standards. First Voice software upgrades include an add-on QR codes for quick AED inspection record keeping via mobile devices (versus First Voice Manager) using QR Code asset tags or decals on AEDs. First Voice allows use of our best-in-class AHA and HeartSafe program compliant inspection checklist or allows customization of the AED inspection checklist. Software automatically generates a time/date stamp for archives when the user submits the checklist form and inspections can be set up on auto reminders for ensured ongoing compliance.

First Voice Utilizes QR code Technology for AED Compliance Management Program

Due to the proven efficacy during sudden cardiac arrest (SDA), Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are becoming more common place in general public settings both inside and outside of medical facilities. We see them in airports, gyms, places of worship, schools and business. As automated as these life-saving devices seem to be, they need to be regularly maintained. Many AEDs still require physical inspection to confirm that the device reads as being “ready.”  Not only that, but all disposable components that have expirations, such as electrodes and batteries must be checked as well. Documenting the inspections is typically handled with tags and spreadsheets and while these tools work well enough for program managers, there are better and easier ways.

First Voice’s proprietary compliance management program, First Voice Manager, was developed to ensure compliance and digitally document and store records of inspections, recalls, servicing and events as well as digitally mapping device locations and recording training and licenses. This software uses a QR code technology. QR code stickers can be placed on any surface and read by any smart phone or tablet. 

Upon scanning the QR code with the smartphone, the user is taken to where they login in and answer simple questions about the readiness of the corresponding AED device.

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