Think Safe’s comprehensive program approach is the backbone of our client relationships. We help small, medium, and large organizations, communities and businesses become competent at identifying and addressing emergency response needs in a centralized and unique way.

Think Safe has a Comprehensive Program Approach that Fully Supports Emergency Management and Preparedness Programs

Our comprehensive program approach in the first aid and emergency response markets checks all of the boxes in a way our competitors do not — going beyond basic guidelines and best practices — and offering products, software, services and training that fully support all aspects of a safety program. Our approach to first aid and emergency response is a continuous cycle of planning and action in the areas of prevention, preparedness, threat/emergency response and review. When it comes to vendor support, Think Safe has you covered from AEDs to Z and can help you build the best safety program with all of the necessary components that are essential to making minutes matter.


Prevention focuses on creating concrete plans, training and exercises well ahead of a disaster. At Think Safe, we support emergency planning activities that allow organizations to reduce loss of life by offering products, software and services for all of your planning and emergency management protocols.


Preparedness is a continuous cycle of activities such as emergency planning, staff training, drills, assessment and remedial actions. Preparedness and readiness go hand in hand at Think Safe as we help organizations and communities prepare for threats and emergencies.


The minutes between a threat or an emergency event and the time dispatched 911 responders arrive on site are critical to the most successful outcomes. Think Safe makes minutes matter with products, software and services that support the coordination and management of key resources (including personnel, equipment and supplies) which are relied upon during a threat or emergency.


In post-emergency and threat settings, a qualitative review of the actions taken can help identify best practices, gaps and lessons learned. Think Safe knows that after action reviews (AARs) are important to making even more minutes matter in the next phase of the response or the next time a similar event occurs. We ensure that the data collected enables clients with best practice quality improvement processes and being more prepared for the future.

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Think Safe knows the landscape of state laws that address the attributes of a comprehensive public access defibrillation (PAD) program recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) and other national organizations. We're here to help you.

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