Remote Monitoring System (RMS) for AEDs

First Voice innovation now includes turnkey systems and add-ons for remote monitoring software (RMS). Labor intensive in-person visual AED inspections can be eliminated using RMS and AED readiness can be tracked real-time. Our AED dealers need software upgrades to include reliable RMS patches that integrate to an AED database and First Voice has dealer friendly RMS add-ons. All AED clients deserve reliable real-time archives of equipment readiness data and ongoing alerts and notifications for any non-compliance or AED use.

RMS Monitors your AEDs and Alerts Appropriate Software User if There is a Fault or Missing AED

AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) run self-tests to make certain they will function properly in an emergency. If there is a problem, the AED goes into fault mode. This fault mode can happen at any time and can render the AED useless. And if the AED doesn’t work when needed, people can die. Then lawsuits follow. It is impossible to keep a constant watch over the AED to make certain that it is working. However, Think Safe’s First Voice Manager and AED NOTIFY or HEARTSAFE mobile applications protect you by allowing integration with remote monitoring systems to ensure the AED administrator is notified and alerted that something is needing attention. First Voice’s software also allows taking that non-compliant AED offline for mapping and location awareness to other nearby users. Find out more about the cellular RMS systems or the WI-FI RMS system upgrades that First Voice offers by contacting us today.

  • Provides AED status remotely with any brand AED, anywhere.
    Installs easily in any cabinet, new or existing and most Pelican AED cases.
  • Monitors AED and reports if the AED is in fault mode to the RMS/First Voice cloud.
  • Reports missing AEDs and AEDs not able to perform self-tests.
  • Uses a replaceable lithium battery with a 5-year life.
  • Operational out of the box. No setup or configuration required. Nothing else to buy.
  • Connects automatically to the strongest cellular signal (has access to over 500 carriers).
  • Reports to you through the First Voice manager alerts.

There are 4 methods for RMS

  1. HeartSine Gateway — When integrated into a HeartSine samaritan PAD 350P, 360P or 450P, HeartSine Gateway communicates, via a Wi-Fi connection to LIFELINKcentral AED Program Manager or LIFENET System, the results of the weekly AED self-test including if the AED battery is low.
  2. AEDs with a Wi-Fi RMS Connection:
    • CR2 — WiFi Connection
    • Zoll AED3 — WiFi Connection
  3. RMS After market — Visual Monitor with Cellular Connection
  4. RMS After Market — Electromagnetic Signal from AED with Cellular Connection
Rely on First Voice to identify the best RMS solution for your clients' programs.
The HeartSine Gateway is compatible with all HeartSine samaritan PAD models manufactured during or after 2013 (with serial number beginning with “13” or above).

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