First Aid Kits and Refills

Emergencies are bound to occur and being organized and efficient is key to successful outcomes for the responder and those being helped. First Voice’s organized pocket first aid kits ensure proper personal protective equipment, treatment supplies, expiring supplies, and cleanup supplies are well organized. These kits are for simple first aid emergency situations where a trauma kit is not available but a few trauma supplies that are well organized provide treatment without compromise. OSHA compliant, ANSI guideline compliant, and current AHA and ECC guidelines compliant for supplies, protocols and instructions. First Voice goes over the top on delivering low cost kits that contain quality products going above and beyond with added features of tamper evident and easy-to-refill pocket first aid kits.

First Voice Offers First Aid Kits for Public Settings, Workplaces and Schools

First Voice redefines business first aid by making it easy to stay compliant and substantially reduce your costs. Our first aid kits and first aid cabinet designs eliminate disorganized and missing components ensuring your business stays compliant. Our refill systems are easy to order when items are running low. 

Any sudden illness or injury requires a first aid treatment before the help of a professional or medical staff. It helps in minimizing the damage and facilitation of the process of healing that can lead to the rapid recovery of the patient. First Aid Kits are a must in public settings, workplaces, and schools because, in such places, sudden incidents might happen that need to be encountered on time otherwise they may lead to complications. There must be trained individuals for using the first aid in such places to ensure the people that they are in a safer environment. It is very important for everyone to have at least basic knowledge of first aid.

Various types of tools are found in first aid kits. At a bare minimum first aid kits should include the tools to control bleeding, support breathing, and perform CPR. CELOX hemostatic agent must also be present in schools, workplaces, and public settings because it is very easy and safe to use in case of wounds as it stops the arterial bleeding by clotting whether the bleeding is moderate or severe. Personal Protection Equipment or PPE helps people from many health and safety risks in schools or on the job and by wearing PPE, exposure to hazards is reduced. The health and safety risk varies with the workplace so, there are different types of PPE for different workplaces. Usually, PPEs are gloves, a helmet, and glasses.

Another important tool for a first aid kits is Combat Application Tourniquet or CAT which helps to stop the blood flow in case of a significant hemorrhage due to a traumatic wound. Similar equipment is a Rapid Application Tourniquet System which is very fast and easy to use under stress. It is a solid vulcanized rubber core with a nylon sheath combined with a unique locking mechanism which makes it a really fast tourniquet that can be applied to self as well as to others. Military bandages are used by the military which is specially designed for emergencies to stop bleeding from hemorrhagic wounds due to traumatic injuries.

First aid kits also consist of trauma shears or Tuff Cuts which are scissors used in emergency situations for quick and safe cutting of cloths from injured people. They are different than normal scissors and they can cut through strong materials even seat belts or cars, denim, leather, and thin metal too. Emergency bandages must also be available as a first aid tool in schools, workplaces, and public settings to stop the bleeding. The emergency bandages are elasticized with a non-adhesive pad sewn in and have features like it is a sterile dressing that allows the removal of bandage without open the wound again, it has a pressure applicator that applies pressure and stops the bleeding. It is useful for stopping head and groin injuries.

Using a first aid kits in schools, workplaces and public settings allow the people to save their lives and other’s lives by assisting injured person during emergency situations. It allows people to prevent them from affecting by emergency. So, everyone must get knowledge and training of first aid, especially those who works in a workplace that has health and safety risks. First Voice can help you with first aid training.

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