Disaster Preparedness and Survival

In real life, disasters happen that cannot be predicted, prevented or stopped. The key is to be prepared to quickly notify those impacted to minimize the impact but also deal with the aftermath by having the right supplies and equipment for quick deployment by those impacted. First Voice disaster and survival preparedness kits and supplies offer quality products and affordable budget options.

When a sudden disaster strikes — especially one that cripples local emergency response capabilities, like floods, wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes and the like — make minutes matter with a disaster preparedness kit or outdoor survival kit from First Voice.

Be Prepared with Emergency Essentials​

Though it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself in a situation calling for an emergency preparedness kit, preparedness is the operative word. Should a disaster strike in the form of an earthquake, tornado, civil unrest, a major storm, or something similar, you might find yourself cut off from outside help, relying on your wits and whatever rations and supplies you have on hand. A pre-packed disaster survival kit helps you stay prepared for an unexpected natural disaster.

Emergency Communication is Needed Everywhere Because When It Comes to Saving Lives and Executing Emergency Management Plans, Minutes Matter!

EMMA — Emergency Management Mobile Application — is the first-of-its-kind integrated software and mobile app solution that empowers bystanders and incident managers to provide improved emergency communication and basic assistance during threats and emergency situations before the arrival of trained first responders. EMMA’s push notification technology provides unrivaled flexibility and priority with greater emergency communication capability over standard text and/or email messaging platforms. The outcome is faster message receipt and retrieval, reliable and consistent location-aware 2-way messaging and customizable alert sound options.

How EMMA Works


An emergency event from within an EMMA-ENABLED COMMUNICATION NETWORK is identified and reported to EMMA administrators by EMMA user(s).


Administrators review alerts and send real-time EMMA location- aware push notifications to PC
or mobile application users. Administrators can monitor EMMA user status and provide updates to effectively manage the emergency.


EMMA does not need Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) 911 integration. Public Safety 911 administrators can tap into EMMA to received real-time information from users during emergencies.


Unlike other systems, EMMA allows users to communicate directly and continually with the administrator to report location and status.


Approved users in
groups have access
to detailed data on the
type of emergency and
location of the nearest asset (Stop the Bleed kits, AED, active shooter kit) helping to reduce treatment times and increase survival rates.

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