When you partner with First Voice, you are partnering with a technology-savvy solution provider and a leader in the first aid and emergency management industry. As a First Voice distributor, have access to proprietary patented products, software and services in a rapidly growing market.

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At, First Voice, we take our mission of Making Minutes Matter very seriously. Every day, we strive to make a difference. Every day, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Every day, we provide quality products, impeccable customer service, and a comprehensive program approach to ensure that our customers are making minutes matter through emergency preparedness and response. We believe in the strength of our products, services, software and training — but ultimately, it is our our comprehensive program approach that truly sets us apart.

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An Enterprise AED Program Partner Focused on Innovation and Technology with Emergency Products, Services, Software and Training

Single-Source Provider

  • Direct sales and support for all AED manufacturer makes and models
  • One-stop shop certified AED program provider
  • Competitive supplier solutions result in clients having to work with multiple vendors for each separate program element

Comprehensive AED Market Knowledge with Industry-Leading Technical Support and Servicing

  • Objective recommendations
  • Comprehensive and demonstrated technical expertise of best practices and compliant AED programs
  • Relationships with all AED manufacturers results in:
    • reasonable comparisons for ALL makes/models of AEDs
    • unbiased recommendation-set based on client’s specific needs and buying criteria

Competitive Pricing and a Program Integration Approach

  • Kitting, bundling, low cost and efficient upgrades/add other providers saves you time and money
  • Procurement decisions equipment evaluation
  • Training decisions (online or in person) and notifications to staff
  • Policy and communication to staff and new hire tools
  • Medical oversight or medical direction services, as needed
  • Administration duties of inspection checks and “maintenance ease”
  • Safety and responder team training assistance/general staff training
  • Easy compliance solution “visibility” with online 24/7 access by anyone
  • E-minder solutions and hierarchy reporting for program transparency


  • Price (initial/consumables)
  • Ease of Use (# steps, etc)
  • Maintenance Ease (# supplies)
  • Expiration Monitoring (pad/battery)
  • Asset Life/Warranty/IP
  • Rating
  • Indemnification Coverage
  • Footprint/Size/Weight
    Durability/Storage Needs
    Post Event Support (free pads, etc)
  • Upgrade Support (AHA, costs, etc)
  • Time to Shock/Technical Specs
  • Efficacy Rates (survival stats)
  • Impedance (patents, technology)
  • Technology Updates (current, FDA)

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