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Successful program management requires ongoing monitoring of the equipment, training, people, and events to mitigate risks within the program. First Voice helps you manage your program with bundled complete monitoring and oversight solutions or add-on services and technology that offer best-in-class, industry leading, and cost effective solutions for any budget.

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Turnkey Value for In-House or Outsourced AED Monitoring / AED Program Management

First Voice helps your in-house staff with turnkey proven technology that is best-in-class, comprehensive, and cost effective. First Voice's program management compliance software is known for its quick and easy user interface that stores cmoprehensive subsets of data proven to be extremely important in improving programs and reducing the threat of harmful liability.

The responsibility list of an an in-house AED program manager includes set-up, documentation, fulfillment, arranging medical oversight, ongoing training and equipment maintenance. Unless you have an in-house system of readiness with multiple levels of verification, your AED program manager is under supported. If your facility’s AED isn’t up to date, and your staff isn’t trained, you are not ready when someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest. Don’t put your organization in this heart-breaking situation marred by financial liability.

Whether you are looking for outsourced servicing solutions or providers or discover tools to make your in-house program is ready and compliant, let First Voice help you. First Voice Manager (FVM) or Compliance Management Software (CMS) can make it easy by setting reminders, checking for inspection frequency, and giving you peace of mind knowing your AEDs are up to date and in working order.

AED Program Medical Direction or Medical Oversight Services

With First Voice as your partner, you can help your clients' in-house staff by allowing them to rely on medical oversight professional administrators to provide program compliance consulting services and monitoring. First Voice is known for turnkey systems and advice that creates reliable archives of data and ongoing alerts and notifications. In many states, oversight by medical professionals is required by state laws for AED owners to have civil liabiilty immunity within their AED program. Find out if your state requires medical oversight.

First Voice Medical Direction Services from Think Safe provide oversight and sign-off of your AED program, and provides all legal protections for state / local civil liability immunity laws according to where the AEDs are placed. 

Comply with Medical Direction Requirements. Medical Direction is required in more than one-third of states. We do have you covered across the USA! Contact us and get your state law requirements today! 

  • Medical Prescription & Annual Medical Oversight Authorization
  • EMS Registration/Notification Services
  • Policy and Procedure Manual & AED Response Protocol; Ensuring each site is within state AED acquirer civil liability law protection
  • Regulatory & recall updates as necessary and industry updates
  • Event reviews when AED is used by a First Voice Medical Director site
  • Event reviews after an AED is used by a licensed professional
  • AED event data for your records and automated archiving
  • Reminders to replace your expiring parts & check your device
  • Options for with or without our First Voice Manager compliance management software (CMS)
  • Track training, people, equipment to include an AED, and more using our easy-to-use alerting database
  • Simplified accessory reorders including optimized online AED data updates when reordered supplies ship
  • Real-time management hierarchy reporting and alerts to allow escalation of non-compliance alerts
  • Track inspections; Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) and in-person servicing options allowed
  • Comprehensive Program Approach

Appropriate Healthcare Provider Supervision

Your AED program will be under the direct supervision of a licensed physician that can help you secure the FDA-required medical authorization for your AED, approve protocols for its use, and provide medical supervision and support of any uses of the device.

Training and Support

Training is one of the most critical components to a successful AED program. Medical direction will recommend using onsite training or nationally accredited online training needs, and monitor re-certification schedules for those designated staff members who have received CPR/AED/First Aid/BBP training. Some industries may require other special training such as oxygen or healthcare provider ACLS courses and medical direction will specify these needs and monitor recertification as well.

AED Protocol Standards Oversight

Keeping your equipment up-to-date allows things to work properly and stay within current nationally accepted protocols. Development of procedures and tools for maintenance and inspection of AED and responder equipment will provide a cohesive AED program. AED and Responder protocols and procedures for response and training are signed-off on by your qualified AED professional. Finally, a compliance audit will ensure your AED Program follows all federal, state and local governmental compliance standards to limit your organization’s legal liability.

AED Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) Monitors & Eliminates the Need for Human Inspection to Improve Device Readiness

First Voice's innovation now includes turnkey systems and add-ons for remote monitoring devices and software. Ensure your equipment is ready at all times, without the hassle of labor intensive in-person visual AED inspections. Find out more about both Wi-Fi and cellular add-ons or updated systems that create reliable real-time equipment readiness data and ongoing alerts and notifications plus archive data continually for future quality reviews.

AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) run daily self-tests to make certain they will function properly in an emergency. If there is a problem, the AED goes into fault mode. This fault mode can happen at any time and can render the AED useless. And if the AED doesn’t work when needed, people can die. Then lawsuits follow. It is impossible to keep a constant watch over the AED to make certain that it is working. However, Think Safe’s First Voice Manager and AED NOTIFY or HEARTSAFE mobile applications protect you by allowing integration with remote monitoring systems to ensure the AED administrator is notified and alerted that something is needing attention. First Voice software also allows taking that non-compliant AED offline for mapping and location awareness to other nearby users. Find out more about the cellular RMS systems or the WI-FI RMS system upgrades that First Voice offers by contacting us today.

  • Provides AED status remotely with any brand AED, anywhere.
    Installs easily in any cabinet, new or existing and most Pelican AED cases.
  • Monitors AED and reports if the AED is in fault mode to the HeartStation RMS/First Voice cloud.
  • Reports missing AEDs and AEDs not able to perform self-tests.
  • Uses a replaceable lithium battery with a 5-year life.
  • Operational out of the box. No setup or configuration required. Nothing else to buy.
  • Connects automatically to the strongest cellular signal (has access to over 500 carriers).
  • Reports to you through First Voice manager alerts.

There are 4 methods for RMS

  1. HeartSine Gateway — When integrated into a HeartSine samaritan PAD 350P, 360P or 450P, HeartSine Gateway communicates, via a Wi-Fi connection to LIFELINKcentral AED Program Manager or LIFENET System, the results of the weekly AED self-test including if the AED battery is low.
  2. AEDs with a Wi-Fi RMS Connection:
    • CR2 — WiFi Connection
    • Zoll AED3 — WiFi Connection
  3. RMS After market — Visual Monitor with Cellular Connection
  4. RMS After Market — Electromagnetic Signal from AED with Cellular Connection
Rely on First Voice to identify the best RMS solution for your clients' programs
The HeartSine Gateway is compatible with all HeartSine samaritan PAD models manufactured during or after 2013 (with serial number beginning with “13” or above).

AED Mapping Promotes an Increased Survival Rate from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

AED locations are not always easily found by facility occupants or those nearby who are aware of an emergency and need to use the AED. First Voice innovation includes software that maps AEDs and allows for approved viewing privileges to see the nearest compliant AED. AED and other key lifesaving asset mapping is a key part of a reliable program management system.

AED mapping solutions developed by First Voice are based on highly specialized and dedicated databases hosted in the cloud. AED locations can be distributed in real time to professional applications used by emergency services as well as to general public mobile apps.

AED mapping makes every second count in the fight against Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). SCA is the leading cause of death in the US, according to the Institute of Medicine and it is a worldwide problem. The cardiac chain of survival; calling 911, starting CPR and using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) within 3 to 5 minutes of collapse are critical.

Minutes and seconds matter while waiting for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and an AED needs to be used before EMS arrival and as soon as possible after collapse during SCA emergencies.

First Voice tools such as the AED Notify and Heartsafe mobile apps as well as our First Voice Manager software, offer the most current and comprehensive Automated External Defibrillator (AED) location notification registry of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for Private or Community Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) programs. AED Notify allows adding and placing (registering) an AED location on a map by GPS coordinates (“Place It”) so that users of this application can find nearby public or their own private nearby AEDs. AED Notify fills a critical information gap and can save valuable minutes of time from collapse to time of shock using the AED, making minutes matter while waiting for EMS arrival, improving survival rates.

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