Emergency Instruction Device (EID)

US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides detailed data on emergencies that occur in the workplace, public and at home. Think Safe’s First Voice patented Emergency Instruction Device (EID) was designed to ensure all these emergencies are addressed. The EID has an established history for helping to prepare for and manage these emergencies and ensure proper guidelines and protcol are followed, especially when there are multiple responders. The EID is designed for lay rescuer minimally trained individuals that need improved access to care reminders or improved refresher training tools.

The First Voice® Emergency Instruction Device (EID) is a Revolutionary Multi-Lingual Device Designed to Calm and Coach Users on Hundreds of First Aid Emergency Scenarios

The simple and easy-to-use touchpad gives direction on how to respond quickly and accurately with audible and visual instructions. The Yes/No buttons are used to answer questions asked until the EID can accurately give instruction on how to proceed and further treat the injured person from scene assessment to cleanup of the event. Be prepared in the event of a sudden emergency; limited or no first aid/CPR training necessary.

Key Features

EID Data Card


Data cards allow your EID to have strict adherence with any major training organization's protocols.

12 Buttons

The EID offers twelve button options to guide the initial assessment through user feedback.

Language options

Upon powering on the EID, the user can select the desired language for instruction.

user Feedback

The EID asks Yes/No questions of the user determine to further assess the emergency.


Based on User feedback, the EID provides audio & visual instruction for the specific emergency identified.

What People Say About the EID

Additional Features

CPR Metronome

Allows classroom use during CPR manikin training.

Complete Audio & Visual Guidelines

Reinforcement for first aid steps or CPR steps and AED use reminders.

AED first aid or CPR Refresher Training

ECC & International First Aid Guidelines

Training Drills

Training exercises for: Adult, Child and Infant CPR & First Aid.

Homeland Security Training

Chem/Bio/Radiation reminders and instructions.

Key Reminders

Scene safety, 911 or emergency numbers, assessment, treatment, incident documentation, follow-up care and BBP cleanup reminders.

Assessment help

Reminders and questions for assessment & easy EMS handoff documentation.


Decreases training & communication difficulties in multiple language organizations.


Easy data card access for future upgrades with various training organization protocol compliance data cards available.

Easily Integrated

Integrates seamlessly with responder kits, first aid kits, complete responder systems, and training drill kits or training accessories already used by clients.


Custom bulk orders for EIDs will be considered (with or without LCD).

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