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Think Safe knows your training compliance requirements. Think Safe does not only provide product solutions. We believe in helping you develop and deliver your own customized and/or industry mandated training curriculum to your clients or employees.

Think Safe has our own industry-leading software programs and platforms as training delivery options which are affordable and flexible. Our company has established structured software development team members, technical editors, and product managers.

Think Safe can provide you with quality yet affordable turnkey industry compliant ONLINE, Mobile, CD or DVD based learning, BLENDED (online with in-person assessment), and IN-PERSON training solutions. Think Safe even has an industry leading Train The Trainer program to allow you to bring your training in-house for more control and flexibility. Think Safe does allow customization of any of these courses for clients and use of these courses under private label or white label use.

However, Think Safe has established clients that have desired custom training solutions. Customized training programs or solutions include online PC-based training courses, CD or other media based training delivery methods, and mobile internet accessible training courses.

Using Think Safe to provide customized training delivery, curriculum, or training solutions means that accessibility to training does not have to be a limitation for your organization’s first aid or emergency response program.

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Think Safe knows the landscape of state laws that address the attributes of a comprehensive public access defibrillation (PAD) program recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) and other national organizations. We're here to help you.

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