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Emergency Instruction Device (EID)

Emergency Instruction Device (EID) / First Aid & CPR Assist

Why Risk anything? Be Prepared for Everything.

Help your Emergency Response Team with a Emergency Instruction Device / First Aid & CPR Assist

  • Reduces panic & stress
  • Increases preparedness
  • Focuses on accurate first aid care
  • The EID is designed to effectively coach users on hundreds of first aid emergencies from start to finish. In the event of an emergency, this simple, easy-to-use touch pad gives direction on how to respond quickly and accurately. Be prepared in the event of a sudden emergency, with minimal first aid training or experience. The award-winning EID keeps rescuers focused on accepted first aid and CPR protocols in order to treat the injured person in a safe manner.

    The device speaks out loud and has clearly visible instructions on the embedded shatterproof LCD screen, asking questions about the extent of the injury. The "yes" and "no" buttons are used to answer. Depending on the severity of the situation, the EID continues to ask questions until it understands the situation and can accurately give instruction on how to proceed and further treat the injured person.

    "Knowing the First Voice EID is accessible and will arrive at the scene of a medical emergency gives our medical first responders a sense of relief. Having the EID available gives them peace of mind that they are giving the victim every opportunity for a positive outcome."

    Brenda Saunders, OCC Health Nurse, Exide Technologies