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Rugged Self-contained Emergency Treatment (SET) System
(Part # M3101x)
(UPC Code: 755702981552)
The First Voice M3105 Rugged Responder Kit accompanied by an AVU5001x, First Voice Emergency Instruction Device gives this kit the definition of being a "Self-contained Emergency Treatment (SET) System". Kit is a technology driven first responder kit that is a lifetime guaranteed customized Pelican case that contains the patented state-of-the-art Emergency Instruction Device with icons that match prepackaged first aid supplies organized into seven modular nylon bags. Lifetime guarantee on Pelican case. Dust proof. Water proof. Crush proof. SET System is designed to be tamper evident sealed for knowing it is ready to run. Recommended for areas where 911 assistance will take over 10 minutes to arrive; improving the retention of first aid skills; reviewing accepted first aid and homeland security protocols.
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