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Emergency Instruction Device + HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 350P
(Part # FV6001)
First Voice EID + HeartSine AED Responder System comes in rugged lifetime guaranty carrying case with: HeartSine AED & First Voice EID, pads and electrode (1 Adult Padpak), AED checklist, AED response kit, AED inspection tag, AED administrator toolkit including state AED acquirer laws/regs, sample AED policy templates, First Aid manual/reference guide, Waterproof Pelican hard storage case, Rx, Dataport, Instruction Card, CPR poster and User Manual and AED training & implementation DVD; AED has 10 yr warranty. Does not include CPR Ezy CPR feedback device. Contact First Voice tech support to substitute any AED in rugged case with the EID instead of purchasing HeartSine AED.
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