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First Aid & CPR Assist Plus CERTIFIED First Aid & CPR Training Package for 10 People
(Part # AVU5001-T10CPR)
First Voice emergency instruction device. A lifesaving device designed to calm and effectively coach users on hundreds of first aid emergency scenarios. The simple and easy-to-use touchpad gives direction on how to respond quickly and accurately with audible and visual instructions. The Yes/No buttons are used to answer questions asked until the EID can accurately give instruction on how to proceed and further treat the injured person from scene assessment to cleanup of the event. Be prepared in the event of a sudden emergency; limited or no first aid/CPR training necessary. Intended for use by infrequently trained or volunteer rescuers; protocols comply with AHA/ECC standards. 3-year warranty. Device interactively instructs students using updated American Heart Association scientific studies on cognitive feedback devices and contains first aid and CPR training scenarios, key reminders, and CPR pacing metronome. Provides accurate CPR prompting, first aid care and first responder instructions using protocols aligned with ECC/ILCOR, American Heart Association, Red Cross and International CPR and First Aid Science requirements. Comes with free online first-aid and CPR training scenarios for interactive student and workplace responder use. Protocols include scene safety, personal protection, victim assessment and treatment and follow up, 911 or designated emergency number reminders, scene or BBP clean up, and more. Multi-lingual (US Default is English and Spanish). Other languages available. Protocol cards available to meet all major training organization standards.
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