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"You need to have an AED on your premises. The AED is easy to use and as long as you grab it and listen, and don't panic - you will have the confidence to respond."
Jim, Anytime Fitness Health Club owner

"Emergency preparedness via this program will help save lives and protect our children, their families and our employees."
Trish S., Executive Director, St. Paul's Early Childhood Education Center

"First Voice should be a mandated piece of equipment in every school"
Bob P., Safety Coordinator,, Iowa City Community School District

"[Having no nurse] the SET and accompanying online learning have made us feel more prepared than we have ever been for medical emergencies."
Candace H., Principal , St. Pius X School

"I've personally trained over 25,000 individuals and assure you that non-EMS personnel will find these products invaluable. Not just for emergencies, but for practicing and reviewing emergency scenarios."
Marcy T., ECSI Instructor

"Industrial workplaces with First Voice resources have the right mind-set."
Mary S., RN, CCM, Premier Case Management

"First Voice allows for quick and orderly assessment of multiple injuries and helps the responer stay focused. The all-in-one SET System changes the landscape of care."
Dr. Donald L., University of Iowa

AED Grant Process

Thank you so much. I cannot express my gratitude enough for how much help this is going to give me. One, this is by far the best quote I have received yet, and will really help us fulfill our mission to get an AED to three schools. This also gives an excellent incentive to buy based on a maintenance cost, because once my Eagle project has installed the AEDs, I want the schools to be able to maintain them. The fundraising guides are phenomenal. I will most certainly make use of them once we start the process. Once again, thank you so much and I am very thankful for the support Think Safe is putting behind our project.
Nick Barile

AED grants

I want to thank you again for the AED given to Polk. AED's in Cedar Rapids Schools has been a personal goal for me since I started working in the district.

Thanks for making Polk a safer place for our students and community!
Deb J., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Emergency Instruction Device

"Your EID is a wonderful training tool and the 1" model is a great responder bag companion. It's great for ERT refresher programs since not all of our nurses are certified instructors."
Mirielle Theribault, Occ Health Nurse, Goldmine Corp Canada, Ltd.

"WOW - this is what I need; something to help me remember and coach me since the nurse can't always be right there!"
ERT member, Goldmine Corp Canada, Ltd.

"We were looking for a training device and responder aids - we feel like we got both with the First Voice™ Emergency Instruction Device (EID). It is user friendly and meets the needs of our ERT for training and the field."
Mirielle Theribault, Occ Health Nurse, Goldmine Corp Canada Ltd.

"We are thrilled to have FirstVoice equipment and training in our classrooms."
Training Instructor, TEEX OSHA Training Institute, Texas

"It's important when administering care to assess and prioritize injuries quickly and adapt treatment to individual needs. First Voice™ allows for quick and orderly assessment of multiple injuries and helps the responder stay focused. The all-in-one SET system changes the landscape of care for today's EMTs, fire fighters, and other trained responders. In addition, it's a valuable tool for Homeland Security readiness."
Dr. Donald Linder, ER Physician, Iowa

"We had a situation where we had an OSHA reportable incident - a major trauma - after 3 years of no unintentional injuries or reportables. It was a major bleeding trauma and the First Voice took the employee responder's adrenaline down a notch and helped them to focus. The bleeding pack had everything we needed and the instructions provided the guide. The infrequently trained responder and their employer need to know about your SET system."
Jim, Club owner, Anytime Fitness

"When you are training students six to eight hours, they leave looking overwhelmed. First Voice gives them a tool to respond with more confidence than they normally would."
Michael T., ECSI Trainer

"First Voice brings a calm presence to the situation and provides clear guidance to ensure the affected employee receives the best first aid possible."
Vic C., SC Johnson

"What an outstanding product that delivers effective, easy-to-understand, interactive first aid training! First Voice is a 'got-to-have' system."
Drew K., Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

First Voice Self-contained Emergency Treatment (SET) System

"This is something we (volunteer firefighters) need. This completes what the AEDs started."
Brian Huber, Volunteer Fire Fighter, McConnell, Illinois

"I need a skill refresher because I don't see many major traumas frequently. I like the interactive real life coaching it offers."
Safety Director/Engineer and First Responder Team Captain, Atlanta, Georgia

"I have seen the outcome of the patient be defined by those first ten minutes of care."

"First Voice is a remarkable, convenient system that can help anyone handle a medical emergency with confidence/the confidence of an advanced medical professional."
EMT, Alabama

"Perfect for departments that make 30-40 runs a year!"
EMS Chief, IEMSA Conference

"This product made it worth coming to the conference!"
Safety Coordinator, Snap On Tools Manufacturing Plant, Iowa

This is a must have! Imagine a medical emergency, either in-flight or on the ground. If the emergency happens in the hangar, on the ramp, or even at home or at work, we can just call 911 and get help, right? Yes, we can get help, but it's not instantaneous. The national average response time is about 11 minutes. That can be much more if in a rural area or if the system is loaded with other emergencies. If we're in the air, the response time depends on how fast we can get on the ground at a suitable airport. Consider that the first few minutes can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of the emergency.
Gene Benson, aviation consultant and raving fan of First Voice.

Inperson Training

The CPR training this morning at PCA. Wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the instructor. She is not only eminently skilled & qualified, she is also a very gifted teacher who is able to present concepts in a way that is easy to remember (good reinforcement) and to ensure accurate application (observed & reinforced with encouraging feedback).
Mary W, PCA


Thank you so much for all of the information and for the pricing. It is nice calling a vendor who knows about their products and can explain it to those of us who have little to no knowledge of what the customer is wanting.
Bridget C., Account Representative MRO, Hagemeyer NA

SET Systems

"First Voice allows for quick and orderly assessment of multiple injuries and helps the responer stay focused. The all-in-one SET System changes the landscape of care."
Dr. Donald L., University of Iowa