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Basic Blood Borne Pathogen Clean-up Kit in a Polybag
(Part # BP001)
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(UPC Code: 755702980913)
A complete biohazard spill clean-up kit for one spill in a clear, tamper-evident resealable plastic bag. Kit contains: 1 Each of Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) clean-up kit that includes complete instructions; 1 pair - latex-free gloves; 1 - red biohazard waste bag; 1 - pick-up scoop with scraper; 1 - cleaning disinfectant wipe; 3 - disposable dry absorbent towels; 1 - fluid control solidifier; 1 - antimicrobial hand wipe; 1 - twist tie. The kit is packaged in a clear, tamper-proof, resealable Ziploc style bag. Each kit is designed to clean up one spill. Refills are available.
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